Sunday, September 28, 2008

After All These Years

Apparently, I’m fixated on license plates these days. I trace it to the fact that ever since I was young, I dreamed of getting a personalized license plate.

After years of waiting, I’ve finally done it. My plate choice wasn’t without some deliberation. Below are some of the choices I pondered.

MM BRGR 1 – The runner up.
ON IOWA 1 – Among the final picks.
HAV SUM 2 – In the finals…a little too nerdy.
UPTITE 1 – Wife rejected. And I thought I was uptight.
PIN PAL 1 – Afraid people would think I’m into bowling.
I. M NUM 2 – Wife liked this thinking it was humble. I didn’t like proclaiming I’m poo.
BEF CAK 1 – Wife rejected. Don’t know why.
HI KEL 1 – I am only so whipped.
UPTGHT 1 – Once again, wife doesn’t want world to know I’m nuts.
FNS LFT 4 – Wanted to get wife’s car to be Fins Right, but it wasn’t in the cards.
MMM BRGR – Too expensive. Not having a number is like $40 more.
GRT HAIR – I have great hair. But without the number it wasn’t worth the $40.
BLECCH 1 – Not very upbeat.
BIG HAIR – I have great hair, not a bouffant.
M DOLR DO – Too hard too figure out (Million Dollar ‘Do)
NUT CAS 1 – Wife felt it sent the wrong message.
WFS HOT 1 – Once again, only so whipped.
MM FOOD 1 – Liked BRGR (burger) better.
TOO SXY 2 – I was too sexy for this plate.
DA BOMB – Would have been very cool 10 years ago.
NTSTOU 2 – Went through an angry phase (Nuts To U).
BLD SPT 1 – Chink in the armor?
IM NUM 2 – Once again, not going to declare I’m poo.
SPR NRD 1 – Super Nerd would not drive the chicks wild.
FL O ANGER – Angry phase. Wouldn’t be good when pulled over.
HI MOM 3 – My mom would never see my car.
HI HON 2 – I’ve already got a minivan. Isn’t that enough emasculation?
HI HNY 2 – See above.
TPYO 2 – I liked this. But there’s only so far that clever will take you.
MMDNUT 2 – Hard to read (mmm donut)
BORING 2 – I am boring. So was this plate idea.
URBHND 2 – Too clever. I’d want to ram me.
SNOOZE 1 – Wife vetoed yet again. Didn't reflect our suburban rock star lifestyle.
G RATED 1 – Same as above.

And the choice was:
MR PLOW 1 – This Simpsons reference fully reflects my sexiness. And it looks a little odd on a Honda Accord.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

That's Not Going To Help Him Get The Ladies

According to the National Institute of Health website:

Sepsis is a life-threatening illness. Your body's response to a bacterial infection usually causes it. Your immune system goes into overdrive, overwhelming normal processes in your blood. The result is that small blood clots form, blocking blood flow to vital organs. This can lead to organ failure. Babies, old people and those with weakened immune systems are most likely to get sepsis. But even healthy people can become deathly ill from it. A quick diagnosis can be crucial, because one third of people who get sepsis die from it.

Sepsis is usually treated in a hospital intensive care unit (ICU). IV antibiotics and fluids may be given to try to knock out the infection and to keep blood pressure from dropping too low. Patients may also need respirators to help them breathe.

So can anybody tell me why the guy at the car wash today had a vanity plate that read “SEPSIS?” That’s just sick…pun intended.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Elements of My Wife’s Bad Day

-Car Battery Died
-Storming Outside
-Can’t read AAA card because her eyes had been dilated from eye doctor appointment
-Towing company that shows up to give her a jump: T&A Towing