Sunday, September 28, 2008

After All These Years

Apparently, I’m fixated on license plates these days. I trace it to the fact that ever since I was young, I dreamed of getting a personalized license plate.

After years of waiting, I’ve finally done it. My plate choice wasn’t without some deliberation. Below are some of the choices I pondered.

MM BRGR 1 – The runner up.
ON IOWA 1 – Among the final picks.
HAV SUM 2 – In the finals…a little too nerdy.
UPTITE 1 – Wife rejected. And I thought I was uptight.
PIN PAL 1 – Afraid people would think I’m into bowling.
I. M NUM 2 – Wife liked this thinking it was humble. I didn’t like proclaiming I’m poo.
BEF CAK 1 – Wife rejected. Don’t know why.
HI KEL 1 – I am only so whipped.
UPTGHT 1 – Once again, wife doesn’t want world to know I’m nuts.
FNS LFT 4 – Wanted to get wife’s car to be Fins Right, but it wasn’t in the cards.
MMM BRGR – Too expensive. Not having a number is like $40 more.
GRT HAIR – I have great hair. But without the number it wasn’t worth the $40.
BLECCH 1 – Not very upbeat.
BIG HAIR – I have great hair, not a bouffant.
M DOLR DO – Too hard too figure out (Million Dollar ‘Do)
NUT CAS 1 – Wife felt it sent the wrong message.
WFS HOT 1 – Once again, only so whipped.
MM FOOD 1 – Liked BRGR (burger) better.
TOO SXY 2 – I was too sexy for this plate.
DA BOMB – Would have been very cool 10 years ago.
NTSTOU 2 – Went through an angry phase (Nuts To U).
BLD SPT 1 – Chink in the armor?
IM NUM 2 – Once again, not going to declare I’m poo.
SPR NRD 1 – Super Nerd would not drive the chicks wild.
FL O ANGER – Angry phase. Wouldn’t be good when pulled over.
HI MOM 3 – My mom would never see my car.
HI HON 2 – I’ve already got a minivan. Isn’t that enough emasculation?
HI HNY 2 – See above.
TPYO 2 – I liked this. But there’s only so far that clever will take you.
MMDNUT 2 – Hard to read (mmm donut)
BORING 2 – I am boring. So was this plate idea.
URBHND 2 – Too clever. I’d want to ram me.
SNOOZE 1 – Wife vetoed yet again. Didn't reflect our suburban rock star lifestyle.
G RATED 1 – Same as above.

And the choice was:
MR PLOW 1 – This Simpsons reference fully reflects my sexiness. And it looks a little odd on a Honda Accord.

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