Sunday, October 19, 2008

Other Quotes That Didn't Make The Holiday Letter

Some more quotes that just didn’t make the cut for our Holiday Letter…

· The boy: I have a great idea.

The girl: Is turning off the light your great idea?

The boy: Yes.

The girl: It’s not a great idea.

(Didn’t want to show the girl as being too cynical with her brother. Unfortunately, as I recall it wasn’t such a great idea.)

· The boy: There is something wrong with this blanket. It doesn’t work.

(I paid good money for that blanket.)

· The girl: Julia (the doll) was sneezing last night.

The wife: Did she catch your cold?

The girl: No. I still have it.

(Don’t want to let anybody think that she doesn’t have a future in medicine ahead of her.)

· The boy: (After I asked him what a little girl was saying to him...) I have no idea.

(Too much of an explanation. When he was 3, I took him to Hooters to spite the wife. The food took forever so I let him check out different things around the restaurant. While checking out the jukebox, a little girl came up to him and talked to him for 2 or 3 minutes. He nodded and seemed to follow the conversation. When he returned and answered, I knew that he had the essence of dating down.)

· The wife: It’s just nice that we can sit and get our stuff done and just talk.

The girl: We can always talk…except when the vacuum cleaner is on.

(We had to leave it out after being threatened by the vacuum industry lobby.)

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