Sunday, July 6, 2008

Haven’t Written Much Lately

Frankly, I’ve been dealing with some personal loss. I recently learned that I’ve lost a number of relatives living overseas due to some tragic circumstances. I never knew these relatives existed and it’s amazing the sheer number of announcements I’ve received of late. How big is my family tree and are the roads in Nigeria that bad?

There’s a silver lining to my story. Once I’m able to come to grips with my loss, it appears (coincidentally) that every one of these relatives was quite wealthy and I am the lone living relative that is able to inherit their estate. (Nigerian law must be very complex otherwise surely one of MY other living relatives would also be able to share in the inheritance.) Additionally, it appears I’ve won a number of lotteries that I didn’t even know I’d entered.

I will write more later once I’ve completed the grieving process and collected my untold millions of dollars.


MOMEO3 said...

Honestly, where do you come up witht his stuff? Do these thoughts just come to you during the day . . . maybe on the train or while talking to your boss? BTW - my daughter has recently viewed your picture and blog name and is confused by the "Million Dollar Hair". Guess Who?

gman413 said...

Wait! You can't inherit that money or those lottery winnings because I got the same letters...that's MY money :>)

Josh said...

Apparently it's mine.

The word must be out that I'm going to be rich. I've begun receiving e-mail from women who are being very forward with me. They must be looking for a sugar daddy.