Monday, April 21, 2008

Is It Politically Incorrect To Make Fun Of Football Players?

I really enjoy football. I like pro football. I love college football. I’m into fantasy football. I try to catch a game or two on the weekends. And I don’t go overboard, but I think the NFL draft is fun.

The NFL draft is coming up this weekend. With it comes the excitement of sizing up college prospects and trying to determine who will be the next Cecil “The Diesel” Collins.

For those that aren’t aware, Cecil Collins was a Running Back for the Miami Dolphins. Despite a checkered past, which included breaking into dorm rooms and cuddling with women while they slept, the Dolphins drafted him in the fifth round of the 1999 draft. I, believing Jimmy Johnson’s defense of Cecil’s character, later drafted him for my fantasy football team. He had a few good weeks followed by a mid-season burglary arrest and now resides at the Moore Haven Correctional Facility. Wikipedia confirms his nickname is “Cuddle Monster.” In retrospect, he was not a good pick for me or the Dolphins.

Today I read the most unique assessment of a draft prospect. According to Peter King of SI, the negatives of Devin Harris, a Wide Receiver from Michigan State are, “…Only a one-year starter, not always focused on the task at hand, one leg is shorter than the other.” Not focused on the task at hand, hmmm? Is that another way to say the guy is running around in circles?

Anyway, I’m sure Devin can look forward to being Detroit’s first round pick. (Apparently their franchise charter mandates that they take a disappointing Wide Receiver with their first pick.) Now, the fans there will understand why all of his plays end with him running out-of-bounds into the water table and why he keeps failing the “walk a straight line” portion of his roadside sobriety tests.

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