Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Story My Wife Likes To Tell

In honor of my wife’s 49th birthday, I thought I would post a story that she likes to tell.

She and I met at The University of Iowa. Technically, we met during our Sophomore year at a bar before the Delta Zeta Dating Game. As a contestant, I got very drunk, smoked a cigarette on stage, lost the cigarette at some point, won the date with some girl who I never actually went on a date with, rode in a limousine (I think), and threw up in the middle of a football game after two plays thereby ruining said football game. I was also not suave enough to convince my future wife to hang out with me after the Dating Game…thankfully.

About 6 or 7 months later, my fraternity and her sorority were Homecoming partners and we were paired up as Homecoming co-chairs for the event. As you can imagine, she couldn’t resist my hair. We placed third in the homecoming competition, I heard her drop a few F-bombs after Brad Wulf drove the float into the apparently low-hanging Mercy Hospital pedestrian walk-way on the way to the parade, and we held hands the whole parade route.

After dating for about a month, I took her to my fraternity’s Holiday date party. We were playing a game of darts against our friends Jeff & Denise (now married too). Kelly has some vision problems. And she doesn’t have good hand eye coordination. And she’s not a very good dart player either.

Jeff and Denise began the game beating us pretty badly. I was an OK dart player, but Kelly kept throwing her darts over the board, at the mirror next to the board, into the coin slot below the board, even unfortunate people standing near the board. Through it all, I was supportive.

After a period of time, Kelly and I began to draw closer to Jeff and Denise. I was doing OK and Jeff had gone cold. Denise was not doing well and Jeff was growing more frustrated. Kelly had even gotten better. She began hitting the board. Then, during one particularly good turn where she had hit the board twice and even scored once, I announced, “If you hit the board, I’ll marry you.”

Yup…Bullseye. (And we won the game too.)

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lanee1 said...

Cute story! And now I know why you never let me touch your hair!